Eli Mikel, CFP®

Managing Partner & Financial Planner

Eli began his career at Ameriprise Financial, followed by TD Ameritrade where he excelled as an Investment Advisor at the Fortune 1000 firm. Next, Eli cofounded his first financial technology company, where he led the firm to help Investment Advisors to better serve their clients. Eli cofounded ProfessorPortfolios by converging the ideals of his mother’s background in education and his father’s background in technology. In addition to a 13 year career in Wealth Management, Eli is also a teacher, blogger, and app developer. His passion is helping people understand and navigate the complex world of investing & building wealth.

Ryan Guttridge, CFA

Managing Partner & Portfolio Manager
Professor of Finance, University of Maryland

Ryan began his career at Legg Mason as an advisor working for individual clients. During his 16 years with Legg Mason, Ryan served in a variety of capacities including analyst, retail advisor, institutional salesperson, and member of Legg Mason’s Investment Advisory Committee. In an effort to broaden Legg Mason’s research effort, Ryan partnered with select prominent local universities and faculty. The success of these efforts lead to Ryan being appointed to the position of Visiting Scholar and Fellow at the Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health and Study of Business Enterprise (2007-2016) at The Johns Hopkins University. In 2016, Ryan became an adjunct Professor of Finance at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business. Ryan cofounded ProfessorPortfolios to transcend the existing investing paradigm and access to dependable wealth management.

Aaron St. Germain, CFP®

Managing Partner & Financial Planner

Aaron started his career in the financial services industry in 1999 and has worked with several companies, including American Express Financial Advisors, Charles Schwab, & TD Ameritrade. Aaron then cofounded his first financial technology firm, where he managed both the sales and operations teams of the firm. Next, Aaron Cofounded ProfessorPortfolios to enact his vision of creating a firm that is scalable enough to provide every client with a uniquely intimate wealth management experience, no matter the size of the client.

James Cakmak, CFA

Contributor & Research Analyst

James is a contributor and research analyst for ProfessorPortfolios, Co-Founder of the nail booking app Snailz, and contributor at the technology news publication, Techonomy. Previously, he was a Wall Street security analyst for over 10 years covering the Internet sector. He has been frequently cited across major media outlets including CNBC, Bloomberg, and WSJ. James views expressed on those programs do not necessarily reflect the views of ProfessorPortfolios.